Over 10 years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Onum is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated.


Provide the best solutions to promote your brand

Professional management with extensive experience around the world
We make creativity, not imitate it

We innovate with passion, embracing new technology.

Technology is our passion

We are IT enthusiasts who quickly develop cutting-edge solutions.


Our clients first

Customers are prioritized, timelines are met, and standards are surpassed.

who we are

The way to Success

An Egyptian holding company that offers comprehensive business solutions, supported by a group of capable workers from Egypt and the Arab world. With seasoned global management and a visionary approach, we stay up to date to provide unparalleled excellence at ONGOING.
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Introduce Best
Services for Business


We have international professionals with over forty years of expertise in entrepreneurship and company management, as well as a track record of global success.

Social Media Services

Reach your audience, get more clients, support your presence, and create integrated marketing strategies.

Media Production

Our Media production services include editing, motion graphics, and professional videos that improve marketing efforts and capture breathtaking images.

Search engine optimization

By reaching out to specific customers, we can help you grow your business, reach more customers, and increase revenue.

Software Development

Programming websites, Mobile applications and websites (using WordPress and special programming).

Graphic Design

Fantastic designs that perfectly describe your objective and express your brand identity

Why Choose Ongoing

We help ambitious businesses

group of specialized companies owned by ongoing and under one management.

the strongest work team of specialists in Egypt, the homeland and the Arab world.

We have the latest equipment and integrated technical and technological capabilities.

In short, because We do not know only success.

about us

Our Approach

Impressing the world with renewed creativity Through a set of enterprises owned by ONGOING, we provide innovative integrated business solutions, getting our customers to the top with a team of the most skilled individuals in Egypt and the Arab globe.
Outstanding quality

A team of specialists to follow up and measure the quality of work, before .. during .. and after the end of our work.

Integrated services

We provide all the services that any company needs with a list of specialized brands owned by ONGOING.

Expand your activity

Through international experts who provide professional Consulting to increase your brand activity and develop your business.

Double your clients & profits

Reaching new customers, strengthening your connection with your existing customers, and maximizing your profits and client base We have a track record of successful business relationships with our clients.

Another world of excellence and creativity
you will find only with ONGOING

There is no alternative for the summit .. it is our only option.

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